YAMAHA GP1300R RIVA Intake Grate Pump Seal Power Filter Impeller Fuel 2005-2008 GP1300R-KIT-14/20-2005-20098

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YAMAHA RIVA 2005-2008 GP1300R Performance Kit

Kit Includes:
Qty. 1- Yamaha  Cat Temp Sensor Chip (does not always work with 2006+)
Qty. 1 - Yamaha D-Plate
Qty. 1- RIVA Intake Grate
Qty. 1 - RIVA Pump Seal Kit
Qty. 1 - RIVA Power Filter Kit
Qty. 1- SOLAS YF-CD-14/20 Impeller w/ Tool 
Qty. 1 - RIVA GPR Ride Plate
Qty. 1 - RIVA Free Flow Exhaust Tube
Qty. 1 - RIVA EJK Fuel Controller Module


2005-2008 GP1300R

All Parts are brand new in box. Will dramatically improve acceleration & top speed performance on your GPR.

It is recommended that you run the RIVA Fuel controller with this kit (which is included) so you don't run lean.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review