Yamaha Deluxe Premium Tower Mooring Cover Black 2012-2015 AR210 2012-2016 212X MAR-210BK-TW-14

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Product Overview

The Deluxe Premium Tower Mooring Cover

Fits: 2012-2015 AR210 & 2012-2016 212X Models


The Deluxe Premium Tower Mooring Cover is made of Sur Last® BW+ and includes improvements over standard Sur Last®, including a new weave and surface treatments. It uses the same “solution dyed” filament polyester yarns, providing excellent UV fade resistance and dimensional stability. Also includes zippers around the mooring cleats to allow easier docking. Now, in addition, these covers also have the following features:

  • Weave is a balanced construction allowing for a tighter fabric, increasing its weight 15%. Weave increases its tensile and tear strength by 25% while adding more water repellency. Remains lightweight but with increased strength.
  • Face side surface has an enhanced durable water repellency treatment adding 50-60% more hydrostatic water resistance than any comparable fabric available.
  • Surface tension decreases so the water beads gather quicker to move off the cover faster. Repellency will last longer than the traditional treatment.
  • Urethane coating is non-abrasive to gel coat surface.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review