Yamaha announces new WakeBooster Fitment for 2021 Jet Boat Models

Posted by PWC PARTS MARKETING TEAM on Sep 14th 2020

Yamaha announces new WakeBooster Fitment for 2021 Jet Boat Models

Yamaha center console boats

Yamaha announces with introduction of 2021 Model year boats the updated fitment list for the Wake Booster Enhancer Packages. 

ALL 2021+ 25' Models use


ALL 2015-2020 24' Models use 


ALL 2017+ 21' Models use 


All 2019+ 19' Models use 



Will my 24' WakeBooster attachment fit my 2021+ 25' boat? 

YES, they are a direct fit 

Will the Wake Booster fit on Fish boat Models? 

YES, all Wake Boosters fit the specified length boats in Runabout and FSH variations. 

Can I buy the Wake Booster without the Board and Rope? 

YES, we have them in our store individually or as full kits. 

Do you sell the Storage Bag individually? 

YES, they are listed in our store in the "Wake Booster" category. 

Do you have a Wake Booster to fit 23' models, or 2010-2014 24' Models? 

NO, Yamaha does not make one for those models. 

Do you have Wake Boosters in stock and ready to ship?

YES, we stock the most expansive inventory of Wake Boosters anywhere.

Do you have a fitment list for each model?

YES, below.

Yamaha WakeBooster Fitment List:


2015 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2016 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2017 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2018 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2019 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2020 AR240/SX240/242LTD/S/ 242X

2021 AR250/SX250/252S/252SE/252SD/252XE

2021 FSH 252 / 255 FSH  MODELS


2017 AR210/SX210/212X

2018 AR210/SX210/212X

2019 AR210/SX210/212X/ 210 FSH

2020 AR210/SX210/212X/212/S 210 FSH

2021 AR210/SX210/212S/212SE/212SD/212XE/212XD/ 210 FSH


2019 AR190/AR195/SX190/SX195/ FSH 190

2020 AR190/AR195/SX190/SX195/ FSH 190/ 195S

2021 AR190/AR195/SX190/SX195/ FSH 190 / 195S