Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 Replacement Reeds 2P127-1

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Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 Replacement Reeds 2P127-1

The V-Force Reed Valve uses a double cage design for additional flow at all RPM levels. Reed stops and rubber over-molded cages extend reed life and eliminate petal distortion. Specially developed carbon fiber reeds offer the ultimate in response and durability. The V-Force increased flow results in significant horsepower gains with hole-shot pulling torque and broader peak horsepower.


Are you checking your reed petals for signs of normal wear? You should be. A reed petal is a wear item, and as such should be checked regularly for signs of wear and fraying. A reed petal is opening and closing 144 times per second at 8,000 RPM, so it's understandable reeds can wear. If wear and/or fraying is visible, it's time to replace your reed petals to maintain peak engine performance. Intake gaskets should always be changed when replacing and/or inspecting reed petals to maintain a perfect seal.

Stroke: 2 Stroke